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Im a mother. A mother to two beautiful twin boys. My boys are my world. Unfortunately one of them is very sick. Battling with seizures, Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) and many other issues including Autism. But his drive to learn, his drive to assert his presence is what pushes me to find a cure. A cure for the incureable. Here I am, Playing God. Playing God to him, to my Tuti, to his brother, and most of all to our family. Im just a mother, a mother who is playing God to my Tuti. My Tuti Fruiti

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Notorious Deadly Means...

The shooting that took place just killed me. It broke my heart. It broke my heart for many many reasons. One being of course the loss of such beautiful children. It broke my heart that the last thing they heard were shots. Shots at them. The last thing they saw were their friends falling down on the floor blood covering their beautiful innocent bodies. It broke my heart. It really did. The fear they were going through, the anguish. The cries. The wimpers. It broke my heart.

It broke my heart for the children that survived. What were they thinking? What was going through their minds? It broke my heart for the teachers. The teachers that didn't make it. It broke my heart for the teachers, the teachers that did. And let's not even divulge onto the subject of the parents. Those parents that lost their children. I cannot, I cannot even imagine the heartbreak the permanent heartbreak that these parents have and will ever have forever.

To me this was an avoidable tragedy. Yes avoidable. Why can't the state provide for every school one or two officers that can guard it? Why does the president have security guards? Is our children's blood cheaper than his? Is their life not worth as much as his? Why? Aren't these children our future? The future of this country? I'm appalled. Appalled that we spend millions on secondary issues and ignore the most important things. And, and it breaks my heart.

This shooting happened in a so called "typical" school environment where children can somehow understand that when the teacher says stay quiet, they will, mostly. But god god forbid, it happens in a school like Tuti's where almost all the children are not so "typical" and will NOT understand. Will not understand the urgency of the situation. They will scream, they will jump, they will run around. What then? What happens then? It's frightening. Very very frightening. And every single time, every single time that I think about it I shake my head to shake away that thought. That horrid horrid thought. And it breaks my heart...

So tell me, tell me really. Tell me in all honesty that this tragedy and many many others weren't avoidable. Ok so protecting schools is very expensive. What about gun control? is that expensive too? is that issue not as important? They blamed the shootings on mental illness. Sure that's an issue, a major issue, but a mentally ill person will not be able to harm others if he didn't have the means. And in this instance and the other instances they all had the means. The deadly weapons were right there. An easy reach. So no don't blame it on him. Don't blame it on his mother. Blame it on the government on the government that provided the bait. And, and it breaks my heart...

The government provided this boy and all the other shooters the means. The Notorious Deadly Means...

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  1. Bad people do bad things. There is no one to blame, not the government, not the schools, not the guns. People are the one thing you cant take out of the equation. Ban People.


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